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Across Canada, I have spoke to tech and hospitality entrepreneurs alongside top BC business schools such as UBC, UVIC, and SFU. I speak to educate, inspire, and connect dots that turn theory into practice. 


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STEPHEN ADLER - Executive Director, Ontario & Western Canada AT Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University

Paul is engaging in a crowd and a magnet when it comes to bringing people together. At Tel Aviv University (TAU), we were delighted to have Paul visit us in Israel to connect with budding TAU entrepreneurs and learn about the things that make us world class in entrepreneurship. We then decided to invite Paul to speak at an event in Calgary to engage new likeminded business professionals who also match the values of TAU. Paul was able to tap into his network while delivering an extremely genuine and engaging speech which told the story of how TAU "blew his mind" and why others should consider visiting our annual All-Access Mission to TAU. With a short timeline from invitation to event I was impressed with how quickly he created his speech, asked the right questions on what our goals were, and over-delivered with his talk and also, a thorough follow up to assess what resonated with the audience. If you are looking to inspire an ambitious group of professionals to take bold action and align themselves with your organizations goals, Paul is your guy!

Mike Mityok Headshot.jpg

Michael Mityok - Principal at ace education

When I first met Paul, I was blown away with Paul's wisdom, patience, and ability to connect with people; even if it meant immigrant high schoolers who are still learning English. I first decided to hire Paul to speak at Ace Education after getting the opportunity to have him mentor one of my students. When I had him present to a crowd of 20 recently immigrated Chinese parents, he had a natural knack for connecting with the audience even though the entire thing had to be passed through a translator. If you're looking to inspire and even change your audience's mindset, Paul is your guy!

Preeth Headshot.jpg

Preeth Kumar - Business development at e@ubc incubator

Paul has participated in several speaking events at e@UBC. He is a very charismatic and passionate speaker; able to cater the content to the audience's engagement level and  uplift the energy. Working with Paul to co-ordinate times and organize the event is a breeze. I would recommend Paul for speaking engagements related to entrepreneurship and social media strategy. 

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bonnie lee - officer, ubc alumni engagement

It was a great pleasure and a lot of fun to work with Paul on Imagine Day. Paul was a wonderful speaker and host at our signature orientation event for new incoming business students. He was humorous, authentic and shared engaging stories with the audience. Being a BCom alumni myself, I can relate to many experiences Paul shared with the students. I felt that he did an awesome job connecting with the students. Paul gave a strong message to the students about finding that “spark” in what they do and why it is so important. His messaging was extremely inspiring and motivated the students to make their time count during their learning journey at UBC as well as when they graduated from the school. I felt that Paul really listened and captured what kind of topics and messages we were looking for in his content that was delivered to the students. My experience collaborating with Paul was fantastic and memorable because he is passionate, easy to get along with and energetic. He has an unforgettable personality that stood out. I look forward to finding more opportunities to work with Paul in the near future. Paul, thanks for making a difference in our students’ educational experience!

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As the chair of UVIC's Work Place Skills Conference and Gustavson School of Business Conference, I've had the pleasure of having Paul as a speaker. Paul has leveraged his energetic attitude, passion for business, and experience with Tangoo to both inspire and educate commerce students on personal branding. Following both conferences Paul has received exceptional feedback from the attendees, lauding his ability to provide useful information alongside tangible steps to be taken. Furthermore, Paul has always had an ability to deliver a highly engaging session that emphasis two way communication and hands on learning.


Alex CHUANG - chIEF sTRATEGY officer AT Launch ACADEMY

Paul is a hustler-extraordinaire. His has a unique blend of entrepreneurial conviction and the humility to adapt to change. His leadership is shown when he continues to support aspiring entrepreneurs around him and sharing everything he has learned along the way. 

stanley yuen.jpg

Stanley Yuen - Organizer at UBC Startup Weekend

Paul is a storyteller. The first time I heard Paul speak was when I entered a case competition in my second year at UBC. He was funny and knowledgeable, but most importantly, he was able to really connect with the students. His advice would be something that everyone could relate to and not just tailored for those with experiences similar to his. It resonated with me as I progressed through university and became part of the entrepreneurship community on campus. When organizing conferences or events like Startup Weekend, I would often find myself naturally turning to Paul as a guest speaker. The feedback I would get after every event was resoundingly positive, as there would often be a crowd of students in deep conversation with Paul well after he had finished the talk. In short, Paul's journey with Tangoo thus far has only shown perseverance and it is that grit and those experiences that I think every aspiring entrepreneur should hear and learn from.